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About Us

The Royston Nave Memorial, now The Nave Museum, was commissioned by the widow of Royston Nave, Emma McFaddin McCan Nave. The building, a majestic Greek revival temple designed by San Antonio architect Atlee Ayers, opened in 1932 to house Nave’s paintings and contain the library of the Bronte Study Club. When the Victoria Public Library was opened in 1976, Mrs. Nave’s heirs, the McCan family, deeded the building to the city to be used as an art museum for the region. The city in turn rented the building to the newly created Victoria Regional Museum Association, formerly the McNamara-O’Connor Historical and Fine Arts Museum, to operate as a visual arts center. In December 2003 the city deeded over the property to the Victoria Regional Museum Association, which continues to operate the museum to this day.

The museum is proud to play host to six to seven art exhibitions per year featuring the works of local, regional, and national artists. Featuring a selection of fine art mediums including paintings, sculptures, and handmade items as diverse as quilts and wood carvings, the goal of the Nave Museum is to enlighten, enrich, and educate through visual and cultural art.

Have a question about the art on display? There is always staff on hand to enrich your visit with history and information about the displays and permanent exhibits.

If you are interested in having your work exhibited at The Nave Museum, please click here for details.

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