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Saturday, April 6th


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Felice House & Dana Younger

"The Peacemakers"



January 26th - March 9th, 2024

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Mrs. Kathy & Mr. Brent Smolik

Mrs. Lea & Mr. Luke Smolik

The Nave Museum presents College Station-based husband and wife duo, sculptor Dana Younger and painter Felice House, celebrating the Western landscape and reimagining the Western narrative in their thought-provoking artwork.

“For more than a century the West has occupied a special place in the imagination of Americans, with perhaps only one foot in reality,” the artists write. “By subverting expectations, House and Younger are questioning a genre, not only in its historical context but as a contemporary fantasy with roots so deep in American culture that they are quite possibly inexorable.”

Felice House is a figurative painter who strives, through her portrayals of women, to provide a counterpoint to the passive female representations found in art historical tradition. She projects contemporary women into iconic roles formerly played by Western movie icons such as John Wayne, James Dean, and Gary Cooper. By placing women in these roles, she points a finger at the limited access of women to power in culture. House is an Associate Professor in the School of Performance, Visualization, and Fine Arts at Texas A&M.

Dana Younger uses a wide variety of sculptural mediums to call attention to cultural heritage that warrants reexamination. His work juxtaposes romanticized Western conventions with real people and damage associated with westward expansion. Humor, beauty, and biting commentary combine in his work and invite the viewer to take another look.

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Website for Felice House

Website for Dana Younger



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